Telecoms & Utilities

Safeguard profits and prevent revenue leakage.

Telecoms & Utilities


The telecommunications and utilities industries are in a constant wave of innovation, pushing new generations of technologies, with the hopes of driving revenue growth, improved profits and increased cash flows.  Governed by new and ever-changing regulations that struggle to keep pace with the change of technology, the road to profitability in these industries starts with having a solid internal controls environment.

With the rise of data, occurring fastest within these industries, it is pertinent that billing managers, revenue assurance personnel and internal auditors have a platform that easily interrogates large volumes of changing data, regardless of the underlying systems being used, albeit legacy systems, core billing systems or recent enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations.

With CaseWare™ Analytics you can safeguard profits, help ensure service quality expectations are met and prevent revenue leakage. You are able to analyse multiple data sources holistically, regardless of the volume or variety. From this consolidated outlook of the data, CaseWare Analytics is able to provide an independent point of observation over the organization’s processes so as to discover any occurrences that are inconsistent with internal or external rules and regulations.

CaseWare Analytics Capabilities

  • Enhanced Monitoring of Controls

Monitor multiple systems concurrently and remove blind spots associated with assessing only a single application.

  • Accurate bill verification

Verify the accuracy of print bills by using independent calculations to derive billing dollar amounts which are then compared with amounts on actual bills.

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Utilities Revenue Assurance

  • Identify errors in customer or rate classifications
  • Identify accounts with missing supply/meter information
  • Customer data quality issues
  • Billing errors – rates, status, classification, consumption, charges, taxes, discounts, etc.
  • Detect payments that far exceed amounts owing
  • Delinquent accounts not being disconnected

Telecoms Revenue Assurance

  • Billing errors – rates, status, classification, package type, charges, taxes, discounts, etc.
  • Identify customers who have not paid in excess of 30, 60, 90 days etc.
  • Identify employees who have exceeded their limits and are not paying in a timely manner.
  • Identify improper changes to product rates


  • Payments do not match invoices
  • Duplicate payments across payment systems (ERP, E-payables, P-cards)
  • Split payments
  • Rapid payments
  • Gaps in check numbers
  • Payment SoD conflicts

Travel & Expense

  • Identify frequent travelers and corresponding compliance with travel policies and procedures
  • Pinpoint travel over holiday periods for potential personal travel

Inventory Analysis

  • Dead stock analysis
  • Top/Bottom purchased items
  • Highest/Lowest turnover
  • Excessive inventory level changes
  • Price Change impact


  • Identify multiple paychecks to same bank account
  • Compare check amounts per ledger to electronic bank files
  • List employees with salary increases greater than a specified percent
  • Compare refund payments to refund policy