Financial managers and auditors can manage inventory, validate shipment deliveries and detect pricing discrepancies.



Traits, such as low prices, high quality and on-time delivery, once deemed to be competitive advantages, are now simply just minimum requisites to stay relevant in the manufacturing business. Globalization has permanently changed customer’s expectations and the benefits they expect to receive. The rapid influx of data has also become a staple of the industry. Key components to success in the manufacturing sector are ensuring that supply chain and inventory control management are efficient and support the delivery of quality to customers. With complex supplier relationships, there is also a critical need for the ongoing monitoring of pricing, delivery and payment processes.

CaseWare™ Analytics allows financial managers, auditors and compliance personnel to manage inventory, validate shipment deliveries and detect pricing discrepancies. The solution provides an independent point of observation over business processes, and enables the identification of control breaches, fraud and money leakage, while ensuring good data quality. An independent point of observation is an important aspect of good governance, as solutions that are embedded, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, tend to only provide insight into that specific system.

CaseWare Analytics Capabilities

  • 360° Degree View of Risks

Identify fraud within or across any lines of business, while being able to react quickly.

  • Enhanced Monitoring of Controls

Monitor multiple systems concurrently and remove blind spots associated with assessing only a single application.

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  • Identify changes to standard costs above a percentage threshold or specified monetary value
  • Identify changes to standard costs by non-authorized individuals
  • Analyze the difference between standard costs and actual costs
  • Isolate stock lines where the cost is greater than retail price

Vendor Management

  • Reconcile selected vendors’ payables posted against purchase orders
  • Identify large invoices without purchase orders, by amount, vendor, etc.
  • Summarize cash disbursements by account, bank, group, vendor, etc.


  • Compare the value of physical counts to general ledger value
  • Report on products in order of profitability (low-high, high-low)
  • Identify obsolete inventory by sorted turnover analysis
  • Statistically analyze usage and ordering to improve turnover
  • Analyze turnover by stock item
  • Match stock receipts with vendor ledger and report variances
  • Summarize products by group, location, type, etc.

Shipping & Delivery

  • Order Price differs from Shipping Price
  • Shipping Document with Missing Sales
  • Order Shipping Price differs from Billing Price Shipping Error Analysis
  • Segregation Of Duties — Shipments with Invalid Creator
  • Segregation Of Duties — Shipper same as Invoicer
  • Shipping Data Quality

Invoicing & Billing

  • Billing Delays & Errors
  • Unusual A/R Activity
  • Suspect Revenue Recognition
  • Segregation Of Duties — Unauthorized Changes to Invoices
  • Segregation Of Duties — Receipt & Invoice
  • Segregation Of Duties — Invoice & Adjustment
  • Invoice & Receipt Data Quality