CPA Services

CPA firms can assess data from multiple sources to efficiently detect fraud and errors.

CPA Services


CPA and consulting firms operate under high expectations from both their clients and the public. Regardless of size, CPA firms are always looking for new and innovative ways to add to their existing customer base while also attracting new clientele. Despite changing regulatory environments and fluctuating economies, one constant to a more profitable business is reducing costs and time. CPA firms require technologies that can add as much value as possible for their clients, in the most cost-effective way available.

With CaseWare™ Analytics, CPA firms can assess data from multiple sources, to efficiently detect fraud and errors, as well provide insights into the overall health of internal controls within an organization. Whether through analysis tools like IDEA® or continuous monitoring solutions, CPA firms and their clients are able to gain value through a collaborative platform, regardless of location.

CaseWare Analytics Capabilities

  • Data Extraction from Any Source

Effortlessly extract data from any application in any format, such as PDFs, text files, etc.

  • Audit Specific Commands

Within a few steps, you can sort, analyze, compare and assess client data. You can analyze data and deliver detailed results to clients in a cost-effective manner.

  • Database Integrity

Read-only analysis means that the client’s production database is never jeopardized, and data analysis is accurate and timely.

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  • Payments do not match invoice
  • Duplicate payments across payment systems (ERP, E-payables, P-cards)
  • Split payments
  • Rapid payments
  • Gaps in cheque numbers
  • Payment SoD conflicts

Travel & Expense

  • Identify frequent travellers and corresponding compliance with travel policies and procedures
  • Pinpoint travel over holiday periods for potential personal travel

Inventory Analysis

  • Dead stock analysis
  • Top/Bottom purchased items
  • Highest/Lowest turnover
  • Excessive inventory level changes
  • Price change impact

Salaries & Payroll

  • Identify multiple paycheques to same bank account
  • Compare cheque amounts per ledger to electronic bank files
  • List employees with salary increases greater than a specified percent
  • Compare refund payments to refund policy

Segregation of Duties

  • Evaluate transactional data against control settings
  • Identify program changes not appearing on change control logs
  • Compare key program or file size, timestamps and other characteristics to a control table to identify instances where a change has occurred
  • Highlight users with powerful profiles/responsibilities
  • Identify user profile/responsibility changes made immediately prior to or shortly after an audit