Risk & Compliance

A single version of the truth for effective Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Risk & Compliance

Over the past two decades, the exponential rate of technology adoption in many organizations has created much efficiency but also many silos where each business unit has its own information, processes and set of compliance regulations.

Having a single version of the truth is vital to an effective Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) program. Often, the greatest challenge to GRC initiatives is the absence of a consolidated view of compliance, risk and controls. CaseWare Analytics’ solutions provide a holistic view of your enterprise by providing a bird’s eye view of your disparate systems and processes. In addition, data analysis closes the loop of a properly designed controls environment, ensuring that your governance framework is complete and that internal control systems do not deteriorate over time.










Modern-day GRC platforms require technology that is easy to operate. CaseWare Analytics solutions are designed to help you gain optimal insight into your business through user-friendly technology which requires no programming knowledge. Our solutions are compatible with your existing cadre of audit technologies such as MS® Excel, MS® Access, IDEA®, ACL™ and Arbutus™.

Technology Benefits

One consolidated platform for operations, audit and compliance professionals,  that enables the concurrent monitoring of your various systems so you can view all risks and no longer operate in silos
Lower regulatory and compliance costs which, by integrating all regulatory demands and automated reporting, decreases your auditing time and also reduces audit fees

An over reliance on policies alone is a risky approach to ensuring compliance. Effective compliance involves the active monitoring of all data and transactions, to ensure compliance with policies and quickly identify areas of potential non-compliance.

With CaseWare Analytics, you are able to view all of the various data sources as though they were one, and discover suspicious activities or patterns, before they become detrimental to the organization.

CaseWare™ Analytics has compliance solutions for: