Root Cause Analysis, Business Improvement and Revenue Protection.


CaseWare Analytics solutions are designed to easily interact with multiple financial processes and applications to provide a consolidated view of your financial controls. You can now eliminate blind spots from your financial processes, stop improper payments, and automate reconciliations.

Finance personnel who are committed to reducing fraud and financial statement reporting inaccuracies, as well as lowering compliance costs, will benefit from having an automated method of identifying and resolving exceptions, all within one user portal. Finance personnel also receive the additional benefit of being able to identify root causes; this intelligence can be used to improve or even re-engineer operations to run more effectively.



Modern-day finance departments consist of personnel from diverse backgrounds and require technology that is easy to operate and complements their domain expertise.

Finance Technology Benefits

  • One platform for the entire finance team to share data analysis insights in real-time
  • Analyse 100% of data across multiple platforms, regardless of variety, volume or location
  • Identify real-time anomalies within core financial processes such as purchase-to-payment, purchasing cards, travel and expense management, order-to-cash, payroll, loans and anti-money laundering

Two main obstacles stand in the path between financial professionals and attaining full profitability. They are:

1. The ability to monitor multiple platforms at the same time

Example: Analyzing payments done within an ERP application and with purchasing cards, to ensure no duplicates across payment options.

2. Identifying Root Causes quickly, to improve business operations and abolish recurring issues.  

Example: Identifying that numerous employees are submitting lump-sum overtime months at a time, instead of monthly, and possibly having a negative effect on an organization’s cash flow. This insight could be the genesis of creating a policy to ensure overtime submissions are done on time.

CaseWare Analytics provide solutions for: