Verify the accuracy of bills before they are sent to customers.

Revenue Assurance for Utilities

Revenue Assurance

There are various business activities that can contribute to revenue leakage within utility companies. These include incorrect customer accounts and contracts, faulty metering, inaccurate billing, ineffective collections, theft, etc. With increasing data volumes and complex systems, identifying revenue leakage and implementing an infrastructure to effectively address it is essential.

CaseWare™ Analytics Revenue Assurance for Utilities

Utility companies are able to define an end-to-end control environment including creation of customer accounts, commission of service, metering, billing, payment and collections. This enables disparate silos of information to be linked in order to provide a comprehensive ‘meter-to-bill’ view of your business. This gives visibility into business processes and fosters greater efficiencies, resulting in revenue assurance. The monitoring framework examines all electronic activities to detect control breaches and alert the relevant persons responsible for revenue assurance tasks within the organization.

Solution Benefits

  • Accurate Billing

Verify the accuracy of print bills by using independent calculations to derive billing dollar amounts that are then compared with amounts on actual bills.

  • Monitor Multiple Data Sources

Connect to multiple data sources, such as bill print files and core billing systems, to create a consolidated data repository from which anomalies are generated based on user-defined tolerances.

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Customer Account Creation and Commissioning

  • Find delays in entering customers on billing system
  • Identify errors in customer or rate classifications
  • Identify accounts with missing supply/meter information
  • Customer data quality issues
  • Service activated but no billing account created

Meter Reading, Billing and Servicing

  • Identify meters not being read
  • Detect irregular consumption patterns
  • Accounts not being billed but consumption recorded
  • Consumption falls outside tolerable average for the account/class/area
  • Delinquency analysis/reports
  • Billing errors – rates, status, classification, consumption, charges, taxes, discounts, etc.
  • Suspicious rescheduling, write-offs, refinancing or changes to customer accounts
  • Inaccurate transfer of meter readings to billing system
  • Duplicated billing
  • Find service orders outstanding for excessive periods

Payments and Collections

  • Detect payments that far exceed amounts owing
  • Delinquent accounts not being disconnected
  • Reconciliations and postings to G/L inaccurate
  • Customer ratings inconsistent
  • Disconnection service orders not being completed
  • Collection and Debt Management reports
  • Collection metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)