CaseWare Analytics Solutions

CaseWare Analytics solutions provide intelligible insight to help our users manage and operate their unique business processes and meet their objectives.

Business Solutions

CaseWare AML Compliance solution actively monitors 100% of financial transactions and customer information.
Close the tax gap by running simple tasks to view anomalies and potential non-compliant activities
Effective anti-bribery compliance involves the active monitoring of all data and transactions.
CaseWare Analytics DQM helps businesses to manage data effectively by automating the data quality process, ensuring...
Automate Governance, Risk and Controls within the Lending Process
Detect erroneous and fraudulent activities before payments are made.
Bring cost recovery savings in-house by identifying and resolving control failures as they occur.
Take control of your P-Card program in an unprecedented way
CaseWare Analytics enables a holistic approach to monitoring segregation of duties, giving a bird’s eye view of all...
Identify non-compliant expenses before approval
Verify the accuracy of print bills by using independent calculations to derive billing dollar amounts that are then...

Industry Solutions

Financial managers, auditors and compliance personnel can address potential risks within the business, such as access...
CPA firms can assess data from multiple sources to efficiently detect fraud and errors.
Analyse processes such as financial aid, tuition billing, grants and purchasing cards.
Eliminate blind spots from your core business processes, stop improper payments, enforce policies to ensure segregation...
Healthcare providers can resolve data quality issues with enhanced monitoring of controls.
CaseWare Analytics is able to present a consolidated view of all the requisite data sets, detect anomalies, and trigger...
Financial managers and auditors can manage inventory, validate shipment deliveries and detect pricing discrepancies.
CaseWare™ Analytics provides organizations with the ability to independently monitor processes across multiple...
With CaseWare™ Analytics you can safeguard profits, help ensure service quality expectations are met and prevent...

Department Solutions

Assess data from multiple sources to efficiently detect fraud and errors.
Root Cause Analysis, Business Improvement and Revenue Protection.
Data Analysis and Collaborative Analytics Technologies
A single version of the truth for effective Governance, Risk and Compliance.