CaseWare Monitor

Enterprise controls monitoring to help improve decision making.


Continuous transaction monitoring

CaseWare Monitor is a continuous controls monitoring solution that enables organizations to independently monitor controls and transactions across multiple businesses and systems by detecting breakdowns in internal controls early so you can stay ahead of risks and avoid costly damages. 


Data management, analytics and insights across multiple platforms

CaseWare Monitor is ideal for accessing and monitoring data from any platform including ERPs, custom-made applications, purchase card (P-Card) and travel and entertainment (T&E) systems, as well as banking and insurance applications. The analytics engine of the product can then take the data from these various systems, cross-reference the information and reveal big picture insights that are difficult to discover by looking at individual systems.

The platform can also identify critical information on the root cause of the failure, which can then be managed through the case management functionality. By proactively ensuring that the control failure does not reoccur, CaseWare Monitor supports an organization’s drive for continuous and sustainable improvements.

Multi-functional platform

CaseWare Monitor is suited to a variety of industries and solutions, including purchase card program management, anti-money laundering, payroll auditing, and more. Learn how CaseWare Monitor can help you take control of your business by contacting us for more information. 

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