IDEA 10 now available in Czech

January 31, 2017

Ottawa, Canada, January 31, 2017 – CaseWare Analytics, developer of data analysis and continuous monitoring software solutions for audit, accounting, finance, governance, risk and compliance professionals, is proud to announce that version 10 of CaseWare IDEA® Data Analysis software is now available in Czech. Auditors, accountants and other financial professionals who prefer to work in the Czech language can now enjoy the benefits offered by IDEA 10’s enhanced features, such as custom-built or automatically generated dashboards, advanced Fuzzy Duplicate, new types of charts and further drill-down capabilities to enhance analysis.  

A robust and powerful data analysis tool, CaseWare IDEA analyzes data quickly to identify trends and anomalies easily. With version 10 of the software, Czech speakers can now take advantage of the new Visualization feature, which gives users the ability to create dashboards manually with the help of the Visualize task. For those who prefer to have their dashboards generated automatically, there is the Discover task. Discover quickly creates dashboards populated with charts and field statistics generated from their data.

“CaseWare IDEA is used [by Allianz] for data analysis of insurance databases and accounting data during internal audits and insurance fraud investigation, as well as for getting insight into insurance portfolio and claims records,” says RNDr. Maya RNDr. Mašková Manager, Internal Audit and Control Department Allianz pojišovna, a.s. Czech Republic. “With IDEA’s ability to import many different types of data formats with large data files—several tens of millions of records—and user-friendly predefined functions for data analysis and evaluation, it has become our essential work tool.”

IDEA 10 in Czech offers many other new features, such as advanced Fuzzy Duplicate to pinpoint similar records in as many as three character fields. Users also gain access to Passport, where they can find a collection of useful tools and resources, including tutorial videos, free IDEAScripts and forums.

As with all versions of IDEA, more than 100 audit-relevant tasks and functions are included with the tool including Benford’s Law analysis, Join, Sampling, Summarization, Stratification and more. To learn more about IDEA 10, contact us at or watch IDEA 10 videos now.

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