IDEA Academic Partnership

As post-secondary institutions have to compete harder than ever for top students, it’s vital that they offer the most valuable courses, training and skills development possible. For students planning to become auditors, accountants and other financial professionals, gaining hands-on experience in using data analytics provides them a highly competitive advantage when it comes time to job search.

It was with this in mind that the IDEA Academic Partnership was introduced. By joining the partnership, post-secondary institutions can access the training, resources and technology needed to effectively teach students the data analysis techniques they can expect to use in their future careers.

Accredited colleges and universities that join the IDEA Academic Partnership are provided free access to IDEA Data Analysis software. They are also supplied with all of the tools and resources to help ensure both students and teachers get the most they can out of using CaseWare IDEA to learn data analysis techniques.

The Benefits of Partnering with Us

Eligible colleges and universities can expect to gain a variety of benefits upon joining the partnership, including:

  • Fully functioning version of CaseWare IDEA, with record limitation, can be installed on numerous computers, and offers students the opportunity to learn how to perform various data analysis techniques such as aging, sampling, running Benford’s Law tests, detecting duplicates, cost analysis, fraud detection and more.
  • Full support and maintenance of your CaseWare IDEA Data Analysis software; complimentary Help Desk support and access to the IDEA Support site is also offered for teachers.
  • Tutorials and case studies that are included with IDEA and offer step-by-step instructions to facilitate hands-on learning.
  • A complimentary copy of the IDEA Workbook containing Accounts  Receivable  Audit,  Accounts  Payable  Audit  &  Fraud  Investigation  and  Inventory  Special  Value-Added  Audit case studies to help guide professors on the many different ways IDEA can be used to teach students data analysis techniques. The Workbook also includes an in-depth tutorial with the associated data files.
  • Access to an online resource center where participants can obtain case studies with sample data files, assignments, tests, and other helpful resources. The portal can also be used to host customized resources that teachers would have developed.

We also offer our Academic Partners extra support as needed, including resources provided via Dropbox about CaseWare IDEA, how to use it effectively, and real-life examples of how auditors and other financial professionals have put it to use in their careers.

For more information on the IDEA Academic Partnership, contact us, or if you’d like to register to have your college or university become a part of the Partnership, please complete our web form and we’ll get back to you to complete your registration.