CaseWare Events

May 6 2018 to May 9 2018
Dubai, UAE
Join us in Dubai from May 6 - May 9 for the IIA International Conference, which is guaranteed to be rich with insights for internal auditors at every level.  While you are at the event, be sure to attend Leonard Block's session on how audit analytics can transform the way companies do...
Sep 18 2018 to Sep 21 2018
Denver, CO
Join us in Denver, Colorado as IDEA users from across the continent come together to share best practices and common challenges about how audit data analytics is evolving and changing the traditional audit. During the conference you will learn:  How both internal and external auditors...
Sep 30 2018 to Oct 3 2018
Montreal, QC
Internal auditors today are under more pressure than ever to provide relevant insights and deliver intelligent and evidence-based opinions to address organizational risks. Join us at the IIA Canada Conference to learn the latest audit techniques to ensure your continued success.  While you...