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CaseWare Analytics and Concur

Identify and resolve non-compliant expenditures

Using the Connector for Concur™ & CaseWare Analytics, travel and entertainment (T&E) expense and P-Card data from Concur is integrated with Human Resources (HR), financial and other business data within the CaseWare Analytics platform and analyzed for potential anomalies.

Top 5 Transaction alerts for the CaseWare Analytics and Concur Solution
  • Unauthorized card use
  • Transactions that exceed cardholder’s, velocity or daily thresholds
  • Split transactions across one or multiple cards
  • Excessive personal card usage
  • Unpaid personal expenditures

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Benefits of CaseWare Analytics/Concur Solution: 

  • Quicker detection of unusual transactions - Ongoing and automatic analysis of all transactions, claims, approvals, disbursements, etc. within financial, purchasing, and travel and entertainment expense systems so anomalies can be identified.
  • Faster issue resolution - Once an anomaly is identified, alerts with resolution guidelines are automatically sent to the business stakeholder for remediation. The configurable workflow/case management engine allows for multiple levels of escalation, turnaround time settings and more until the issue is resolved.
  • Gain insights in to your programs -  Using data visualization, gain insights into metrics such as preferred vendor usage, as well as department and individual spend profiles. The analytics can also be used to gain greater visibility into potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations and root cause analysis.


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CaseWare Analytics and Concur