What is IDEA Certification?

CaseWare Analytics offers IDEA® Data Analysis software users the opportunity to become Certified IDEA Data Analysts or Certified IDEAScript Experts. This standard accreditation distinguishes you as being a highly skilled IDEA user who is able to effectively use CaseWare Analytics technology in your analysis and/or audit work.

Why Should I Get Certified?

Our IDEA certification program furthers your professional development by demonstrating that you have advanced technical abilities and are uniquely positioned to provide sound and knowledgeable business analysis and recommendations. An IDEA certification is also an independent validation of your skills and expertise in using analytics and scripting. 


Additional Benefits

  • Obtain a professionally recognized credential in your industry
  • Earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits by attending the exam’s required training courses
  • Recognition of this certification will give you a competitive edge
  • Become an acknowledged expert by having your name published on our website (with approval)


Types of Certification

Our certification program is designed for both individuals and our distributors. We currently offer two types of certification:

  • Certified IDEA Data Analyst (CIDA)
  • Certified IDEAScript Expert (CISE)

For more information on our IDEA certification programs, download our Certification Brochure.



You can become certified in one or both programs by either taking the necessary training or demonstrating that you have suitable experience. In either case, candidates must pass an exam.

Training Option: Once you complete the required courses you have one year in which to apply for certification. After your certification eligibility is granted, you then have three months to complete the certification exam. 

Experience Option: You must submit the following documentation to demonstrate your experience 

  • Minimum two-page description of your experience using IDEA
  • A letter from a supervisor or colleague attesting to your competency using IDEA
  • A description of at least two substantial projects where you used IDEA and/or IDEAScript. The description should include types of tests and tasks that you have used in IDEA, data size, length and dates of the projects, sector/ area of activity (e.g., P-Cards, loans, etc.) and your findings

Interested in becoming certified? Complete the form below and we will be in touch soon to discuss the program and how it can benefit your career and your organization.