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Timeless Audit Steps Crucial for Your Success

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To conduct an audit that is both time-efficient and valuable, auditors must be able to dig deep into the data they are presented to reveal insights, risks, and potential fraud in their organizations. To rise to this challenge, there are six key steps auditors must take to perform an effective internal audit that will reflect their value to the business:

  1. Ensure that the foundation of your audit does not have any ‘cracks’
  2. Determine the level of risk in decisions relying on information systems
  3. Prepare a response that finalizes a strategy to address gaps
  4. Ensure that the resources available are adequate
  5. Finalize a model for conducting data analysis activities
  6. Monitor and improve activities to ensure that desired outcomes are reached 

We are sharing these tips with the internal audit community because we firmly believe in this time-tested approach. These steps inform your team on how to build a more efficient, thorough and robust audit. Building a strong framework for your internal audit to thrive on has never been more relevant.

So what are we waiting for? Download the white paper to learn more about each step. 

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Timeless Audit Steps Crucial for Your Success