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August 3, 2018
At CaseWare Analytics, we are committed to continuously refining our solutions to not only meet the needs of our clients’ enterprises, but to anticipate them. As part of this commitment, we have recently updated the workflow automation functionality of our financial crime detection and prevention... Read More »
December 19, 2017
The auditor for the city of Tallahassee has decided to roll a complaint from a whistleblower into the audit of the city’s purchasing card (P-Card) program after the Ethics Board Officer received a call on the city’s ethics hotline. The caller alleged that the P-Cards belonging to the Florida city... Read More »
November 15, 2017
I’m just back from the AP P2P conference where hundreds of professionals gathered to talk about the latest trends and technologies in the accounts payable and procure-to-pay (P2P) space. What was clear from chatting with many of the delegates is that there are still many companies working on... Read More »
October 31, 2017
All organizations, no matter their size or number of employees, must carefully oversee their purchasing card (P-Card) and travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses. Even just one employee can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, and quickly. Here are some recent news stories that are... Read More »
July 24, 2017
Version 5.4 of CaseWare Monitor is due to be released soon and to mark this event, Mike Gilbert, Product Owner for CaseWare Monitor, and Michel Caluori, Delivery Manager at CaseWare Analytics, hosted a webinar to detail the exciting new features and functionality. If you currently use or are... Read More »
July 18, 2017
While President of the United States Donald Trump makes headlines around the world every day, there is one story that really caught our attention. According to reports, two Democratic lawmakers requested that Trump’s travel expense reports be released so that the costs of his travels can be... Read More »
May 30, 2017
Is your organization able to recover lost funds from misuse? Can your team understand the type of fraud or abuse that could occur at your organization? Last week we hosted a P-Card webinar that not only showed how P-Card managers can build their P-Card programs, but also how they can gain the... Read More »
April 25, 2017
If your company has a purchasing card (P-Card) program or travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses, you know that controlling costs and reducing abuse is always a business objective. Staying on top of expenses related to T&E and being racked up through a P-Card program is hard—especially if... Read More »
November 15, 2016
The use of travel and purchasing cards (P-Cards) for expenses is on the rise, and many organizations are turning to Concur, an integrated expense-management solution. But how can managers maximize their Concur implementation to get a complete view of all expenses? Can you be certain that your... Read More »
October 28, 2016
A former manager at a  Canadian university has been found guilty of fraud, theft and forgery relating to charges that he expensed more than $38,000 of personal items to his work purchase card (P-Card) and paid his mother-in-law $139,000 in wages. While few details of the personal expenses have... Read More »