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December 8, 2016
In case you missed it, we hosted a webinar on November 30 on How to Expand your Concur Solution in 7 Easy Steps. The presentation explained the steps travel and entertainment (T&E) and purchasing card (P-Card) professionals can take to move their expense management to the next level with the... Read More »
July 15, 2016
Town officials in Spring Lake, North Carolina are feeling the heat after the N.C. Office of the State Auditor released a report alleging that thousands of dollars were used inappropriately by the officials. As detailed in the report, 63 town employees could potentially have misspent almost $500,... Read More »
June 17, 2016
But why? That’s the question we always asked as children, but as we get older and busier we seem to spend more time dealing with situations and never have quite enough time to figure out why they happened in the first place.  As a P-Card Manager, it’s not surprising that you don’t have time to... Read More »
April 18, 2016
This week CaseWare Analytics is pleased to announce the release of two new banking apps: Account Activity Manager (ACM) and Loan Examiner (LEX). Available to CaseWare IDEA® Data Analysis users through the Marketplace, the global online store for audit tests, our banking apps offer banks and other... Read More »
March 30, 2016
With our recent snowy weather here in Ottawa, Canada, we’re missing the sunny weather we found in Miami, Florida earlier this month when we attended the 16th Annual FIBA Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Conference. With more than 1,400 participants, 21 panel discussions, and 100 relevant... Read More »