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January 17, 2018
Q: I’ve heard that you can use regular expressions in IDEA’s equation editor. Can you show me how to validate a U.S./Canada phone number and an email address in the equation editor? A: That is an excellent question! Being able to do regular expressions in the equation editor is one of IDEA’s... Read More »
December 14, 2017
The newest release of IDEA is here! Here’s some details on what’s new and exciting about IDEA 10.3—and why you should upgrade now to save time, gain deeper insights and make your audits more efficient than ever. Character Field Statistics Field statistics have always been powerful in IDEA and can... Read More »
October 25, 2017
Q: I have a file with sales transaction information and I want to find out how many customers we only had one sale to. What’s the best way to do this in IDEA? A: You can do this several different ways in IDEA. The first is to perform a summary, an extraction and finally a join. If we use your... Read More »
September 28, 2017
Q: I want to create an IDEAScript that I can reuse; however, I don’t know anything about scripting and don’t have time to learn. A: Within IDEA you can create a script and reuse it without having to make any changes to it, so long as you follow a few rules. Let’s take a scenario where you receive... Read More »
September 21, 2017
Q: What are the different ways I can create an IDEAScript? A: There are multiple ways to do this in IDEA. The first and probably most obvious is to go to the Macros ribbon and select IDEAScript. This will bring up the IDEAScripting editor. From there you can start to create your script (you can... Read More »
August 30, 2017
In recent years big data has become a phenomenon and has enabled organizations to change the course of their business based on an abundance, quality and velocity of information. This change has also greatly affected the audit profession. A recent article in the CPA Journal examined how traditional... Read More »
August 22, 2017
Q: I want to write an IDEA script or a custom function to find the minimum and maximum value for a date range by using a criterion, such as vendor. So, if I have this file: Vendor Date 111 03-Mar-17 111 28-Feb-17 111 01-Jan-17 112 07-Mar-17 112 01-Mar-17 112 28-Nov-16... Read More »
July 26, 2017
Q: Can you please provide an example of how to use the ‘Filter’ option in CaseWare IDEA? A: The Filter option in the Print Report Reader is definitely an underused feature. It does exactly what it sounds like: it allows you to filter your file on certain items, or if it is a numeric field you can... Read More »
June 13, 2017
Q: Since I started working with CaseWare IDEA, I’ve faced some similar situations each day. One occurs when I’m importing PDFs: one of the columns is filled with text values that sometimes fill more than one line and do not have a pattern. In this case, it's very hard to match each line with the... Read More »
May 30, 2017
Do you remember when you discovered that CTRL C and CTRL V could copy and paste your data or that the simple tap of F5 can refresh your page? Using shortcuts makes any computer task more efficient. With that in mind, here is the list of the 21 keyboard shortcuts within IDEA. Do you know them all?... Read More »