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May 20, 2014
Recently, CaseWare Analytics attended the National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals (NAPCP) 15th Annual Commercial Card and Payment Conference, held in Palm Springs, California. I had the pleasure of presenting a demo of the CaseWare Analytics’ Purchasing Card (P-Card) Monitoring... Read More »
May 9, 2014
I recently spoke at an Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) General Audit Management Conference on the topic of integrating data analytics in risk based audits and was lucky enough to be asked to present again at a local chapter event in the same week. In fact, I was delighted to participate in an... Read More »
April 22, 2014
For about half a decade in the early 2000s, I was responsible for Credit Card Acquisition strategies at Bank of America. My responsibilities included assessing and approving requests for consumer and corporate card applications, while evaluating and implementing proposals for fraud prevention.... Read More »