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June 10, 2016
In Part 1 of this blog, which we shared with you last week, I summarized the first half of a presentation I delivered at this year’s IDEA User Conference in Orlando. In the second and final part of this blog, I’ll answer for you the question we ended with last week: how can you use IDEA to... Read More »
June 7, 2016
FinCEN recently presented its annual awards in recognition of law enforcement agencies that use the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) reporting to support their criminal investigations. In addition to the vast criminal enterprises these agencies have shut down, it also highlights the important role reports... Read More »
June 6, 2016
As city audit plans roll out, there is a shift towards leveraging continuous control monitoring (CCM) applications to cut expenses, detect policy violations and identify potentially fraudulent activities. CCM applications examine 100% of transactions and, when an exception is detected, utilize a... Read More »
June 3, 2016
IDEA 10 has now been on the market for seven months after launching in November 2015. I recently attended the IDEA User Conference, where it appears that most attendees have enthusiastically embraced the upgrade. As Chief Product Strategist for IDEA Data Analysis software here at CaseWare... Read More »
June 1, 2016
The latest quarterly status report for HSBC’s anti-money laundering (AML) and sanctions compliance program offers a glimpse into the challenges large banks face when implementing an AML program. An independent corporate compliance monitor noted that HSBC continues to make significant steps toward... Read More »
May 27, 2016
At the IDEA User Conference, I had the opportunity to listen to Mark Mayberry, Director with BDO USA, LLP, speak on the various areas where fraud can occur and how data analytics can play a role in detection and reporting. First we started with the topic of financial statement fraud. According to... Read More »
May 26, 2016
After the session at the IDEA User Conference on using data analytics to analyze purchase card usage, I had the opportunity to attend a session on how data analytics can be used to perform analysis on Medicaid provider claims data. Jennifer Blanchard is a certified fraud examiner (CFE) for the... Read More »
May 26, 2016
It’s an early morning at the IDEA User Conference but more than 30 participants have joined Scott Langlinais, Owner of Langlinais Advisory Services and Al Phillips, Director of Audits and Forensic Investigations at Templar Protective Associates, to discuss how data analytics can be used to detect... Read More »
May 25, 2016
At the first breakout session at the IDEA User Conference, I decided to attend Alexander Muina’s session on automating purchase card (P-Card) reviews. Muina is the Assistant Director, IT Audit at University of Miami and has significant experience in reducing misuse and fraud of P-Cards. The... Read More »
May 24, 2016
I’m at the IDEA User Conference this week and what an opportunity to mingle with IDEA power users and enthusiasts! My first session was led by Audimation Services’ Jill Davies and Carol Ursell on how to use IDEA to detect payroll fraud. According to the most recent version of the Report to the... Read More »