New webinar: The role of compliance in correspondent banking relationships

February 1, 2017

The risk appetite of correspondent banks is declining.

Seen as an unfortunate outcome of the 2008 financial crisis—and often used as a way to avoid potential anti-money laundering (AML) enforcement actions—many banks are opting to exit relationships with other financial institutions that are seen as high risk, unprofitable or too complex. This is having a significant impact on money service businesses (MSBs), foreign embassies, international charities, and respondent banks that are scrambling to protect these relationships.

So how are respondent banks addressing this challenge? How do they ensure AML/CFT (combatting the financing of terrorism) measures do not negatively impact them so they can thrive in spite of the threat of de-risking?

Join us on February 6th and hear Dave Garcia, General Manager – Group Legal & Compliance at the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB), present ‘The Role of Compliance in Reinforcing Correspondent Banking Relationships’.

In this webinar, Dave will share his experience on how NCB used AML technology to strengthen relationships with its correspondent banking partners while meeting, and working to surpass, the minimum threshold for compliance. From the perspective of a respondent bank, Dave will deliver valuable insight on the measures respondent banks can adopt to successfully build correspondent banking relationships and maintain confidence in their AML programs.

This webinar will offer useful information and advice on how respondent banks can address the de-risking trend, including:

  • Understanding the key areas impacting what correspondent banks require in relationships with respondent banks
  • Tips to help assess your own risk appetite and defining it so that it’s compatible with your key relationships
  • Appreciating the value of transaction monitoring and its impact on correspondent banking relationships
  • Ensuring staff who are in contact with correspondent banks have appropriate levels of AML/CFT expertise and program knowledge

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