Introducing ADS: Our Newest CaseWare Analytics Team

July 4, 2017

The relationship between organizations and their data is changing rapidly: there's more of it, it’s being interacted with differently, and more advanced technologies are being relied on to manage it. Keeping pace without the help of outside resources is—to put it mildly—challenging.

Technology providers such as CaseWare Analytics have responded to our clients’ evolving needs, adjusting our solutions by offering more advanced analytics, anomaly detection, machine learning capabilities, and customized rather than out-of-box solutions. There is a growing need for this type of advanced continuous controls monitoring software, as well as for professionals who will do more than simply implement a solution and leave the client to master it independently.

At CaseWare Analytics, we go beyond refining and implementing our technology—we’ve taken steps to ensure we offer our clients a fully realized journey with our products.

To this end, we are proud to announce the creation of our newest team: Analytics and Data Science (ADS) Consulting (formerly known as Professional Services). The ADS team is providing a new line of service offerings that will enable the success of both our clients and distributors, and will support clients from the pre-implementation phase through to the ongoing use of our products.

Our new service offering will also be aligned to our technology stack, including expertise in financial crime risk management, anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud. In providing these services, we are leveraging our expertise in advanced behavior analytics, predictive AML models, anomaly detection, link analysis and operations analytics.

So what does this mean for our clients and organizations that may be considering adopting our technology? Here are just a few benefits:

  • Less time to get a chosen solution up and running
  • Access to a team of experts to offer suggestions and troubleshoot any issues
  • A dedicated project manager, ensuring timely and frequent client communication
  • Solutions customized to your specific organization, not just your general industry

For more information on how the ADS team can offer their support and expertise to implement a CaseWare Monitor solution in your organization, please contact Khaled Ghadban, Practice Director, Analytics and Data Science at or 1-800-265-4332, ext. 2154.


About Khaled Ghadban:

Khaled oversees CaseWare Analytics’ AML and Fraud Analytics Consulting Practice, ensuring the successful delivery of enterprise AML and fraud solutions to our customers. Before joining CaseWare Analytics, Kal was a leader for the Cognitive (AI) and Analytics Go to Market team, and also successfully spearheaded early adopter and innovative cognitive (AI) solutions for large organizations as part of a digital transformation strategy. Considered an expert in the field, Kal is a frequent speaker on the topics of analytics and cognitive (AI).

Connect:   Khaled Ghadban

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