goAML Reporting Updates Now Available for AML Compliance

June 22, 2018

To stay on top of regulatory reporting changes issued by Jamaica’s Financial Investigations Division (FID), we have recently updated the goAML reporting capabilities in our anti-money laundering (AML) compliance solution in order to meet the changing requirements of our users. 

Recently Jamaica’s FID attended a session with representatives from the United Nations (UN), and from that session introduced changes to the goAML schema. goAML is a solution developed by the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime (UNODC)  in response to terrorist financing and money laundering around the world. The solution is intended to help Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) assist in the fight against these crimes as many countries utilizing the goAML platform do not have the resources to develop proper systems to collect and process the information needed to fight financial crimes. goAML also allows reporting entities to submit regulatory reports electronically in a secure and a timely manner.

To ensure that our AML compliance solution reflects the changes put forth by the Jamaican FID, we have updated our goAML reports by making previously optional fields mandatory, including the state field in an address. We have also added fields for means of identification, passport, country and ID. These updates will ensure that any goAML regulatory reports our users generate and submit from our platform will not be rejected due to incomplete or invalid data, thereby reducing the burden of compliance.

For more information about recent changes to our AML compliance solution, check out our previous post on updates we’ve made to support e-filing of currency transaction reports (CTRs) to FinCEN.  


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