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2018 Audit Team Trends Report

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The ever-changing business landscape is forcing internal audit teams to continuously find ways to stay relevant while adding value. This is especially challenging when audit standards are changing, the amount of data in an organization keeps increasing and risks keep growing

So how does your audit team plan to keep up in 2018? CaseWare Analytics sat down with six experts in the audit industry to get their perspectives. We spoke with them about:

  • How audit teams should be structured
  • Critical skills that every auditor should have
  • What changes they expect to see in 2018

To further our results we also surveyed over 800 auditors on what they feel they need to be successful in their job. Their results are also included in this report.

Download your copy of the report today.


Meet our panel of experts
Lenny Block, CPA, CIA
VP of Internal Audit
Nasdaq Stock Market
Deniz Appelbaum, PhD
Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance
Montclair State University
Robert Berry, CPA
Executive Director of Internal Audit
University of South Alabama
Sunder Gee, CPA, CMA
Sr. Director, Data Services
RTA Corporation

Scott Jones, PE, CIA, CRMA
President and CEO
Key Performance Initiatives Inc.

Bistra Dimitrova, MBA, CIA, CRMA
Manager, Internal Audit
Kronos Inc
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